We manufacture name plates and Plaques for a variety of different companies such as: manufacturers id plates, College Award Plates, Patent plaques, Vin plates, Stage conversion plates ce marks & Marine applications.

Whether you want CE marks or barcode nameplates to order we can offer a wide variety of materials and finishes. Sometimes called data plates or capacity plates these plates are effectively all used for permanently marking ratings or serial numbering on manufactured equipment.

These plates must last the life expectancy of the equipment for which they are being attached and are therefore of a correspondingly high name plate standard. Data plates made from metal, otherwise known as industrial name plates, are nameplates made to order and to your requirements. They can be made from stainless steel etched or engraved Anodized Aluminum or even Brass for explosion risk environments.

Call us on 08000885227 to discuss your needs (free ex UK) or use our on-line contact widget (at the bottom of the screen) Mon –Friday 0900 -1700 GMT. Please let us know if you require samples. It's not a problem!

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